Healing Gemstones To Your Ring

$ 99.00 USD

"Healing the world begins with healing yourself." - Mark Nepo

This workshop is a ritual where we explore a creative healing path that is best walked with support. Whether you’re recovering from a broken heart or a sprained ankle, carve your ring with a reason.  

During this two-hour workshop, artist and metalsmith Cat McCadden will focus on the physical, emotional and creative regenerative aspects of working with your hands. Together with the group, you will spend focused time in creative flow carving with the intention of healing your heart, your head, your soul ... or anything that needs it.

Time in community and away from a screen reminds the heart of a path forward. Working with your hands demands a focus that often quiets the mind.

- items that invoke a sense of healing or renewal for you, e.g. a leaf bud about to open, or an image that gives you