Custom 14k Cocktail Ring + Necklace

I love the medium of metal. I bend, cut, file, twist and melt metal in my studio, devoting my professional and artistic career to the creation of beautiful adornment through jewelry and sculpture for the last ten years.

Although a challenging material at times, metal can be soft and workable by the hand, or hammer…and then hardened for future generations. After Mt. Vesuvius rained fire down on Pompeii, left behind were gold bracelets and rings buried in ash for us to discover. They hold the same vital energy as the day they were crafted; this permanence and longevity of metal is compelling.


Bespoke Double Garnet + 14K Gold Cocktail Ring

Garnet, Black Diamond + 14K Yellow Gold

This ring has an excellent invention tale.  As a thoughtful ring carver in my Glassybaby ring carving workshop in late 2018, April started sculpting her wax into a mod swoop shape that had so much possibility...and then she pulled out a bag of garnets! The garnets had been purchased at an estate sale of the late Betty Balcom who was said to be an enthusiastic and generous woman, and was a serious Seattle philanthropist, horticulturalist and patron of the arts. "She had such tremendous enthusiasm, and she cared so much."

April's vision was that it would hold two of the garnets - one on each side of the ring. She had started the shape, handed the velvet pouch of gemstones to me and we were off to the races.

I worked with the wax and smoothed and accentuated some curves; I sized the settings for the wine-red sparklers - and perhaps most dramatically - added in the design element of the the barnacles, organically "growing in gold" on the surface of the ring and each set with a black diamond. 

April is delighted with her ring–it's a "showstopper" and major conversation wherever she goes.

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Ring Presented: March 2019

gold ring garnets 14K cocktail

14k gold ring garnets


A Profile In Overlay, k.a.

Bronze, Copper, Tourmaline, Mixed Media, Plexiglass

Sculpture Installed: September 2017

This art piece was commissioned by a couple who weathered the emotional turbulence of a serious health issue when they were just getting to know each other. During medical treatment, a mask was used during scans, and getting into this restrictive blue and yellow plastic mask became a regular part of life. After the health issue had been resolved with a positive outcome, this couple decided they wanted to re-assign meaning to this mask—to make it stand for something beautiful and to create something that honored the transformative time that they had gone through together. 

I worked with the initial mask itself, and created my own version of the mask where I played with contour lines and rigidity to initially explore the project.

Fine metal mesh bronze strips were fitted through a formed framework that had been fitted to the original mask piece. By the centerline, the weave is precise and exact and then it then expands to a more free-form shape. This textural change represents evolution, and expansion, and the generation/non-loss of a kinetic energy. I wove in natural elements like bone, stone, drilled seed pod and petite clay beads from Morocco. These beads  are so delicate, they could dry or crack – are reminder that life is fragile.

The central connection is represented where the middle junction meets; the copper and the bronze join. The copper signifies a strong, feminine love that surrounds the bronze vertical energy pathway supporting the cubist-influenced sculpture. At the base is a knot of metal, looping through green Jade and white stone shapes that signify the Confucian virtues of wisdom and compassion, personal attributes of both patrons.

The A Profile In Overlay, k.a. sculpture is mounted on 29” x 20” white plexiglass and hangs over the fireplace in my clients home.

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Spinel/Pearl Partner Pendant

Spinel, Tahitian Pearl, Sterling Silver

Delivered June 2017

Spinel is a beautiful crystal connected with energy renewal and revitalization and brings calm to the central nervous system. The pearl is the oldest known gem, and for many centuries it was considered the most valuable. Fun fact: unlike all other gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature - oysters and mollusks.

This Birthstone Partner Pendant is cast at 1:1 scale of the original organic shell element with two open barnacle forms, collected by the beach-walking couple. Set with the birthstone of each individual, a 13 mm south sea pearl and a gorgeous red 6 mm spinel are set beside each other in the sterling silver barnacle form. This 24 mm x 79 mm solid sterling silver pendant is hung on solid sterling silver 5 mm chain.

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