My art jewelry inhabits the area between sculpture and avante garde jewelry. These artistic pieces have been privately commissioned, developed in close collaboration with the inspiration or guidelines requested by the exhibition organizers. I see my role as one who translates (my) sentimental ideas into the framework outlined by the central theme of the gallery’s intent for the overall show.  These guidelines are the opposite of limiting; I relish the direction and create within them.

Case Study 1

WAWONA Shawl Necklace

Forged Bronze, Wawona Wood, Petrified Wood

Northwinds Art Gallery Show

Port Townsend WA

May 2017

The schooner Wawona was launched at Fairhaven, CA in 1897 and hauled lumber up and down the Pacific Coast and later worked in the Bering Sea codfishing trade.  In 2012, the sculptor John Grade completed a large piece for the atrium of MOHAI in Seattle, WA. Remnants from this historic wood were gifted to the SMG.

Then, the Seattle Metals Guild invited a talented group of Seattle area artists to create an exhibition of original works that combined Wawona’s old growth Douglas fir with each artist’s traditional medium, metal, to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The artwork made from this wood continues the journey for this historic schooner.