The Momento jewelry collection is all about representing an emotion of reflection and sentimentality in your jewelry during the special moments in your life. Your jewelry is an extension of your vibration, as it adds beauty and personality to your day to your outfits. The energy you invest in your jewelry pieces is the energy they will resonate back., You’ll and you want to care for your GRACE GOW Moment jewelry to that it may be handed down to the next generation of your family.them in the same way you want them to shine for you.

 Every piece of jewelry signed by Grace Gow is a piece of art and passion that joins your importantu in those life moments that will become cherished memories. By using a soft cloth and a little TLC, iIt is not dificult to keep your Momento jewelry lusterous and shiney for years to come.

 O, but you will have to offer these handmade pieces the love they deserve; h. Here’s how to care for is what you have to do to show some TLC to your Momento Jewelry.

 Wear Your Jewelry in a Mindful Manner

 While you might like your ocean-inspired GRACE GOW Momento fine jewelry pieces so much that you will want to wear them all the time, remember thisese handmade jewelry is ies are meant for special memories. To protect your jewelry, remove it when exercising, bathing, and during cleaning activities. Give them a little break when you do such tasks, and you will prolong their life by reducing any potential damage.

Momento jewelry

 Keep your Momento Jewelry Away From Moisture

 Moisture is one of the enemies of your Momento jewelry. If you want to maintain the pristine elegance of your jewelry pieces, you need to keep them away from moisture. Find them a cozy jewelry boxhome inside your home where it is dry. Pand place them there when you don’t wear them to embellish your outfits.


It is recommended to place them into a sealed plastic bag to keep them away from humidity. By simply doing that, you can keep your jewelry looking like new for a longer time.

 Care for the Bronze and Sterling Silver Shine

 Bronze and sterling silver jewelry might get an oxidized charming patina over time as a sign of aging. If you want to get your favorite jewelry to its original shine, all you  

have to do is polish it with a soft cloth and some silver metal polish you will see the gray hue disappearing and revealing the original shine you love so much.

  Keep Your Gold Jewelry Shining

 Keep Your Vermeil Gold Jewelry Shining

Your 14K gold-plated jewelry can be maintained shiny and beautiful with minimum effort. Use a soft brush and mild soap to gently clean your Momento jewelry as needed and see it shine bright in all your special moments.

 While you might be tempted to use a polishing cloth or a metal polish on your gold-plated Momento pieces, note that this is not a good practice. These abrasive materials could strip away the layer of gold and do more damage than good to your jewelry.

 Keep Your Solid Gold Jewelry Shining



Grace Gow makes each piece unique in its artistry, that represents and beauty, just like you and your special memories. Caring for your Momento Jewelry is caring for the precious memories these fine jewelry pieces represent. Each Momento piece tells a story, and you want it to make it part of one too!

October 02, 2023 — Cat McCadden


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