Your anniversary, birthday, holidays and all the other special occasions in your life should be celebrated with jewelry that brings the shine into your story. These moments are milestones of love, priceless memories, and celebrations that deserve the best charms.

Choosing the proper gift to celebrate is a heartfelt endeavor. Once you discover our garnet and opal necklace, you will know its perfect for making your precious memories.

 At GRACE GOW, we understand the magic of your anniversaries and memorable events in your life; we invest in making the same magic in our jewelry. So, with this in mind, the garnet and opal necklace was created.

 Discover a Tale of Natures Strength and Beauty

The garnet and opal necklace is inspired by the beauty and strength of the ocean that brought both the precious garnet and opal to life. The barnacle is collected straight from the wet ground as the sculpting hand of time left it, pear-shaped and perfect for the necklace that will hold it.  

This barnacle form will be transformed into a solid gold pendant necklace set with a 2.3-carat Ethiopian Welo opal and the perfect addition of a glowing Cabernet red garnet. Within the garnet and opal necklace, you have the essence of natural elements water, earth, and the passion of the fire.

 The Specialness of Opal and Garnet

Opals are some of the most special gems, long revered for their beauty and iridescence that gives a chameleon illusion. These stones have a myriad of hues that represent the complexity of our emotions and the joy of our special life events. Opals are assigned to the birthdays in October; a time of change, miracles, hope, and love.

 The deep red garnet stands for passion, commitment, love, and intensity. This birthstone of January represents everything that makes our pulse pound and brings fire to our souls. It is the stone you want to have with you amid excitement and emotions that bring you not only joy but also a great sense of satisfaction.

The deep red hue of the garnets makes them attractive and easy to stand out in gold and silver jewelry. But what makes this gem perfect for anniversaries is the garnets symbolic intense energy of devotion and loyalty that lives between two people committing to love each other for eternity.

 The Ring of Fire Inspiration

The Ring of Fire is a highly energetic region surrounding the Pacific Ocean high in seismic and volcanic activity, which can ultimately lead to tsunamis. The mix of beauty, gentleness, and power is so inspiring here that the garnet and opal necklace couldn’t have been a better source of energy. We wanted to capture the essence of this natural formation of gold encircling the opal or sapphire gemstone in the Ring of Fire necklace.

 How the Garnet and Opal Necklace Was Crafted

When you are looking for a special anniversary gift, you want its details to be refined and of the utmost quality. The garnet and opal necklace brings you the elegance you are looking for as well as the symbolic strength and miraculous beauty of Mother Nature’s oceans. This necklace is made of solid 14K solid gold, a pendant suspended on a delicate 16” 2 mm rolled cable chain, and a secure lobster clasp also made of solid gold.

 All the elements of the garnet and opal necklace stand as symbols of love, commitment, and profound emotions. This gift captures not only the beauty of your special event but also its priceless value that will only grow stronger with time. GRACE GOW captures the strength and vulnerability of love in each beautiful handcrafted jewelry masterpiece.

October 08, 2023 — Cat McCadden


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