Driving onto Vashon Highway, roaring uphill beside disembarking ferry traffic, you start to feel it. The air is fresher. The sky is bigger. The vehicles are generally more dinged up, the apple trees you zoom by are laden with almost-ripe fruit and your to-do list is forgotten.

The twenty minute ferry crossing of the Puget Sound has deposited you a million miles away.

My new work has been inspired by this  peaceful, happy place. This island is a place that marks a period in our history when phones were attached to the wall, there were just nine channels on the TV and errands couldn't be avoided with an Amazon order.

Life on this island is a reminder of how important simplicity is and how small(er) town living can feel straightforward. Fewer distractions. Less running around. Quality time...for walks by the beach, collecting the raw elements of our next design, and, of course, a stop for a good cup of coffee on the way home. 



October 16, 2016 — Cat McCadden


Grace Gow helps you transform the jewelry you never wear into new pieces you'll enjoy every day.


The feeling I strive to create for my customers is a ‘it’s summer somewhere’sensibility, one that will make them feel both free and strong the moment they put on my jewelry, no matter what they’re wearing.”