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M A K E     Y O U R     O W N     W E D D I N G     R I N G S 





Craving wedding rings as unique as your love? 

Welcome to GRACE GOW VOW. Each private couples session, capably guided by metalsmith and designer Cat McCadden, is where your wedding rings come to life and where your story of making them begins. 




 Cat’s mission is to use her creative artistry and knowledge of jewelry construction to work directly with you both to create bespoke wedding rings. She deeply cares about the experience of carving the rings be as significant to the couple as the rings themselves. You'll work in her Pioneer Square art studio + showroom that is not a retail setting but instead a place for creativity, connection and beauty.

By offering up ideas on metal type, ring silhouette, textures and fitting your ring with existing jewelry, Cat demystifies the jewelry creation process and giving you insider knowledge on how rings are made.  Our showroom is a working jewelry and art studio. You can expect to work surrounded in a private, relaxed atmosphere that is comfortable and inspiring. 





Cat welcomes everyone: any person, gender, color, sexuality or identity.

GRACE GOW VOW workshops are scheduled for one couple at a time.

Your rings are usually created within 2.5-4 hours. 

Pricing is based on two individuals and one couple per workshop

The average price range to carve & cast a set of 14k gold rings is $990 - $1800

GRACE GOW VOW works with 100% recycled metals sourced from a domestically based, environmentally conscious source. 




Your GRACE GOW VOW Wedding Ring Workshop has two parts. First, you’ll carve your ring from hard jewelers wax. Cat will send off to the caster to be transformed into metal. When the raw metal returns, to Cat will set your gemstones, file, polish and refine your wedding rings to be the truly unique creation you've made. 



The GRACE GOW VOW Carving process is perfect if you want to create a dynamic and original design, or if you’re going for a smooth candle-melted organic form,  or something that has a bold and deep texture.  This process is also great if you have an engagement ring and you want to shape a ring to fit around it. Each step is broken down into one small step of a series, so all you have to do is follow one step at a time. 

Many people believe they are not "creative" or "artistic" enough to make their own rings. At this point, I have done many hundreds of ring carving workshops over the years and can happily report that *all* individuals who give it a try CAN do it! Some of my carvers come from a creative field; others from more data-driven pursuits. Regardless, folks come into my studio showroom from many different backgrounds and everyone leaves having created a gorgeous bespoke wedding ring that was made beside the one they love. 



Carving is amazing because you’re able to cast your design in a wide range of metal types, including platinum and all the colors of gold. 

The lost wax casting process is a method of metal casting in which a molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax ring model-in this case, the one you carved. Once the mold is made, your wax ring model is melted and drained away. 


This process takes 3-4 weeks. Please keep in mind that some designs require further finishing, gemstone setting and other customizations. Cat will finish stone setting, engraving, or other custom work will after the casting process is complete. This can take an additional several weeks. 

GRACE GOW VOW generally completes rings in a 4-12 week total turn-around, from your carving session to finished rings.



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