The Wax On Workshop embodies everything needed to create beautiful bespoke jewelry: sculptural craftsmanship, sparkling gemstones and fine metals, fashioned especially for you, by you.

Whether you’re carving for a special birthday, an anniversary or to celebrate friendship and laughter, it’s the personal touches that make your WOW piece so special

Your Custom Creation Starts Here

From wide wax ring blanks that offer plenty of room to sculpt statement rings, to flush petite minimal blue or green gemstones that add a dusting of color, to secret engraved messages romantically hidden on the underside of your jewelry—the options are limitless.

Dream Big

There are eight different sizes of wax available. Your Kit comes stocked with the Standard 5 MM width that is big enough to craft a beautiful simple silver ring suitable for most finger widths. The cost of your new ring will be determined upon receipt of your finished final carved ring. We will weigh the larger wax and calculate the amount of silver or gold utilized in the lost wax casting process of your custom ring and send you an invoice!

Our Standard Wax comes in 4 sizes, which increase in Depth. This will give you more wax and ultimately more silver in your final ring.
Standard 5 MM (Included with Kit)
Standard 9 MM
Standard 13 MM
Standard 17 MM

Our Tidalwave Wax comes in 4 sizes which increase in both Height and Depth. Its larger overall dimension affords you a bigger canvas to carve.
Tidalwave 5 MM
Tidalwave 9 MM
Tidalwave 13 MM
Tidalwave 17MM



Our Bejeweled Reminders and Memories, Studded With Gems

A beautiful symbol for a birthday or anniversary, the gemstone selection process allows you to create pattern and add color with emeralds, rubies, garnets, sapphires, diamonds and many others.

Gemstone selection starts at $90 which includes one 2mm gemstone; prices for selections including larger or multiple gemstones may vary.

2mm garnets and yellow saphires 

Gemstones bring light, color and a sense of geological permanence to your jewelry. We will incorporate family heirlooms, diamonds and colored gemstones into your wax ring design and set the stone after casting. Cat will engineer the setting and mounting for safety, longevity and beauty. Have a vision but no gem? We will work together to obtain a fair-mined and sustainably sourced gem that's perfect for your project.

Heavy Metal

Vermeil is a thick layer (2.5 microns) of gold covering sterling silver. Your ring may be covered in gold— or cast in solid gold!

Oxidized Sterling Silver
14K Yellow Gold Vermeil
Rose Gold Vermeil

Solid 14K Gold
Solid 18K Gold
Solid Rose Gold
Solid Platinum, Titanium etc… Anything is possible!
*If you're interested in fine metal, just inquire and we'll weigh your wax to see how much metal is needed. Prices will depend on current market price.

Oxidized silver

Rose gold vermeil

14K yellow gold vermeil

Forever and Always

Why make a mold of your bespoke, one-of-a-kind ring? Because, sadly, accidents happen and jewelry goes missing. Making a mold of your ring design ensures that we can make another ring for you, or your friend, or your sister, or whomever—whenever we want.

Permanent molds can be cast and recast indefinitely, so you will never have to worry about losing your one-of-a-kind creation.

Dive Deep Into Your Imagination

We believe in dreaming big. Book a private consultation with jewelry designer Cat McCadden to fully form your WOW vision. Made with your own hands and dash of professional guidance.