I have a beautiful studio in historical Pioneer Square where I'd love to host you and your person to sculpt jewelers wax into the most special wedding + commitment rings possible. 

We'll meet in my salon-style studio, a sunny workshop packed with carving tools, files and an ethically-sourced gem library, featuring opals and emeralds from Ethiopia. At the end of our private workshop, you’ll both *turn the wax rings back into me*.

Across the Puget Sound  at my Vashon Island shop, we’ll utilize the lost wax casting process to cast your rings into the metal of your choice: silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. Four to six weeks after we created your original *wax* rings, you’ll receive your one-of-a-kind metal bands, ready to wear forever.


I am metalsmith and designer Cat McCadden, and helping to make people’s jewelry is one of the great honors of my life. Our ring carving session is a fun, creative and hands-on lesson in basic forming and shaping the silhoutte of a band ring using sandpaper. Later in the class, we will focus on details using sharp tools, candle flame, melting wax and etching texture.

As an artist/teacher, my job is to help your vision come to life by bringing my design point of view and fabrication insight to express the sentimental meaning of the jewelry. I’ll show you simple detailed techniques to shape your ring, etch in texture, create simple stone settings and finish edges for modern  hand-crafted wedding ring–created by the people (that’s you!) who know exactly what it means.   

I am based on Vashon Island and Seattle, originally from New Jersey. I welcome all genders, orientations, races, abilities, and identities.


Do you have gold jewelry or diamonds of your own? bring them! Create new sustainable jewelry-life by transforming things you just wouldn’t wear—or legit stunners like your grandmother’s engagement diamond— into your meaningful commitment jewelry.

If you decide that additional time is needed on your wax after our experience, an additional studio fee will apply. 


Your VOW workshop includes the realization of the *wax version* of the two wedding rings. Your price includes your carved rings cast in solid 925 Sterling Silver. The cost of gold, platinum and other alloys is not included in the experience. 

Additional customizations include:

  • You select a gemstone from our gem library
  • You bring in a family gemstone
  • We design a custom setting/ring design that requires studio time
  • You bring in an ocean artifact or object that we want to design from
  • You desire an engraved message inside your final cast ring.


Wonderful. We can design a band around any existing piece you have. Please bring it. We may request If you have a vision of *what you would like to create* that’s beyond a band ring, we will happily accommodate you. 

Please Images or sketches you may have are welcome to be posted here in advance of the class.


Your workshop fee is $345.00 per person.  The cost of the experience includes the realization of the *wax version* of your wedding rings. Once your ring is carved, you will select 14K or 18K yellow gold or solid 925 Sterling Silver. 

We will weigh your wax, calculate that weight in your selected metal and arrive at your final cost.

Workshop Fee + Cost of Metal + Gemstones = Total price for your ring

The cost of the silver, gold, platinum and other alloys is not included in your workshop fee.. Gemstones, gem-setting and gem removal (from heirloom pieces) is not included. All costs will be provided on an individual project basis from our Vashon Island studio.


Share a soulful and hands-on experience together.

Create a timeless symbol of your unique pairing.

Make your own wedding rings at a salon session with jewelry designer  Cat McCadden.


Your private wedding ring workshop takes place in 120 minutes…then, we wait. Together, we’ll create your ring in jewelers wax during our two hour hands-on carving workshop. I’ll leave with the wax; you’ll leave with anticipation of receiving your final rings in 4-6 weeks!


Carving is amazing;  you’re able to easily and beautifully shape and form a wax ring to fit in a way that just feels good. 

You know, jewelry you actually want to wear.

Then it turns into metal. Yellow gold holds the magic of the sun, symbolizing life force  for centuries; it still does. If you choose to cast in gold, we’ll weigh your wax ring when it’s complete; based on that final weight we will be able to give you a cost of gold/platinum  at the current market price for that day.


Your rings will be delivered to your doorstep in 4-6 weeks after carving, and once we have all of your selected diamonds or colored gemstones.

The lost wax casting process is where a molten metal alloy, like gold or silver, is poured into a mold. This mold has been created in the form of YOUR WAX ring. This is an individual and artisanal method of making jewelery. No 3D printers here.

This production process takes time. Please keep in mind that some designs require additional finishing, gemstone setting, and other customizations. Our Vashon Island workshop, led by Cat, executes stone setting, engraving and finishing after the casting which may take  additional time.


The average price range to  cast a 14k yellow gold ring is $990.00-$1800.00

We work  with 100% recycled metals sourced from a domestically based, environmentally conscious source.


Welcome, wild hearts. For a couple that just feels there isn’t much that’s out there speaking to them, jewelry-wise. Of course you want to make something that’s your own. 

You’ll receive VIP service in our working art studio. Our jewelry showroom is not a retail setting, but instead a place for creativity, connection and beauty. 

Cat’s mission is to use her creative artistry and knowledge of jewelry construction to work directly with you both to create bespoke wedding rings. 

She deeply cares about the experience of carving the rings and wants it to be a memorable part of their story together. Cat will suggest inspiration, design motifs, strategies to set a stone, access and ordering of new gemstones and all the conversation is open.

Sometimes, ring carvers are more quiet and task focused. Cat adjusts her ‘coaching’ style based on the needs of the individuals she’s creating with. Cat demystifies the jewelry creation process and is completely hands-on, beside you.

You will be working in a private relaxed atmosphere that is comfortable and inspiring.


GRACE GOW VOW workshops are scheduled for one couple at a time.

If you don’t see a time available, please contact Cat directly to schedule your COUPLES CARVE