Cat is wonderful. Warm and welcoming. She has it all set up and guides you thru the process which was completely foreign to me. But once we got going all worries disappeared. We talked, we sanded, we used fire it was an experience I have never had and exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to get my finished ring. Added bonus - the tour of the artists space and history is amazing. Cat showed me around and explained how it came to be. Really an amazing gem in Seattle. This won’t be my last experience or ring from Cat. Highly Recommend.
— Barbara
Cat gives you a really amazing experience. You get to craft your own wedding ring while Cat creates a chill and inviting atmosphere. My fiancé and I had an amazing time and it will always be a wonderful memory. We can't wait to get our rings!
— Jonathan
This truly exceeding all the expectations. It was so fun to leave with a new experience and memory as well as rings! I left with a newfound sympathy for others who do not create their wedding bands this way. Cat is great and made this such a fun and accessible experience.
— Madeline
Cat hosts a great experience and lets you go at your own pace and really guide the experience to your liking! Anyone looking to do something personal and intimate in Seattle should check this out!
— Brock
This was easily the best experience I found on Airbnb!
— Cody
Great experience. You will make something beautiful if you have no artistic talent. Kat is encouraging, helpful and constantly offers different ways of doing things so you can create beautiful jewelry
— Jaimie
Cat was very welcoming and knowledgeable. My fiancé and I made each others wedding bands, he was very nervous and she made him feel comfortable and confident. We had a such a great experience! We are already making plans to come back for anniversary bands.
— Christine
Wonderful experience! A must do! Felt that she made me (a true beginner) able to do advanced ring design!
— Stephanie
Very awesome experience! We made our own rings and had lots of fun!
— Yang (Michael)
So fun!! I can't even begin to express how amazing Cat was! I love her work, and she taught me so much! Just an amazing artist and human! Can't wait to see my ring!
— Candice
What a unique activity to do with friends! We all loved Cat's approach to the ring carving workshop and she was truly welcoming. She was quick to assist with all of our visions and really helped each of come up something unique. Cat is a very talented designer and jeweler and it was very cool to learn from her.
— Marian
Amazing experience! Cat immediately made us feel welcome and at ease. We felt completely free to make our ring look exactly how we wanted without any expectation of any artistic skill on our part.
— Leslie
Cat is lovely. Real expert and great storyteller. Passion is clearly there and love all her current jewelry. Highly recommend this workshop but would come prepared with (1) inspiration photos and set gemstones or existing jewelry and (2) would push for your own comfort on more design / carving
— Vicky