Celestial Dreams: Gems In The Night Sky

$ 295.00 USD


Saturday, July 13, 2024
5:00-7:00 PM
GRACE GOW West Seattle Studio
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This long awaited earring making workshop is tapping into a galaxy of inspiration. Earrings are intimate and so personal, existing beside our face. 

We’ll track the sun, moon and stars *on the day of this workshop*  and design a ring that is connected to the meaning you find in the starts. 


We wish to create an environment that’s loving and fosters creativity for all your senses.

Your experience ammenities include

  • Dream Interpreter Special Guest
  • Astrological Chart For Reference
  • Mooncakes & Milky Way Bars
  • GRACE GOW giveaway bag with Polishing cloth + gift.


This wax carving workshop is a place where your creativity comes alive. The Wax On Workshop - or WOW for short - is a relaxed two-hour session of sketching, carving, and chatting that results in your own ring, pendant or earring design created in jewelers wax.

 At the end of your workshop, you'll give the wax to Cat; she'll cast the ring and then professionally finish it to your matte or shiny specifications. Then, four to six weeks later, you'll receive your custom sterling silver creation delivered to your door.

 Customized requests for group carves are welcomed!


  • You carve your dream silver ring, pendant or earrings from simple jewelry wax.
  • Cat casts your creation into solid silver or gold.
  • Cat professionally polishes your ring and sets gemstones, if selected
  • You receive your custom piece within 4-6 weeks!


Payable night of with credit card or cash. Your current wax width approx 3-4 MM.

Ways to customize your ring at your workshop:

$110 • Rose gold or 14K yellow gold vermeil

$140 • Carve + cast a second ring

$130 • Wide ring upgrade 6-7 mm

$165 • Permanent mold

$120 • Set a 1.8 MM diamond/emerald/ruby/sapphire round gemstone.

Additional Options

$90/stone + Setting fee: labor and materials to custom carve a gemstone setting in your custom wax project.

$120/hour: Studio fee applies to your developing your custom ring process. We can discuss how we may help bring to life!


Create your own wedding bands – or just something a little extraordinary in this couples wax carving experience. Reserve your private ring making workshop with jeweler Cat McCadden.

Terms + Conditions:

Thank you for booking! This purchase confirmation is your ticket. We will add you to our guest list, so please arrive at the time shown on your ticket. All purchases on tickets are strictly non-refundable. You may send someone in your place if you are unable to attend.

All WOW attendees must be 18 and over.

Can't join in-person? Create with Cat online.

GRACE GOW Jewelry is inspired by where the city meets the sea. All carvers are encouraged to bring an oceanic or industrial found object for the event. We'll find inspiration in its line, form, texture, and silhouette.