Glow Up Gold: Pre-Order 14K Yellow Gold For Your Ring Carving Experience

$ 290.00 USD

Fine Metals Forever

  • Symbolizing purity and warmth, gold is a master healer and revered in ancient times for emulating the sun.

  • Rose gold is beloved for replenishing diminished energies while maintaining alignment.

  • Platinum, another strong metal, strengthens energetic connections while alleviating depression and enhancing memory.

  • Silver stimulates glands and hormones while also enhancing psychic and intuitive connections.

Each has a superpower.
Which speaks to you?




We will be carving a wax blank in our workshop together. The price of your ticket includes turning this wax ring into a finished, final 925 Sterling Silver ring.

You have the glorious option to upgrade to gold, rose gold or platinum, or any special metal you'd like. 


How It Works


1.  Today, pre-order your 14K Yellow Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 22K Yellow Gold or Rose Gold blank in band widths ranging from 3-12 MM in your ring size, in the dropdown menu to the left.  

2.  The day of your workshop, your customized gold blank*** will be packed, tagged and shipped to your in-person or virtual workshop location with Cat.

3. The day of your workshop, you will "meet" your gold for your review. You'll have an opportunity to hold it and discuss with Cat your ring creation process. 

**This will be the actual gold we melt down during the lost wax casting process.


Don't see the magical fine metal you'd like? We can help–send us your custom needs at! We will be happy to help.


Gold is a symbol of enduring, eternal and indeed divine power. 
Gold's extraordinary malleability and ductility of gold. It's low reactivity and resistance to tarnish run and corrosion. We channel ancestral power into the living. On the Indonesian island of Nias, inherited gold jewelry is melted down with each generation to be remade into time-tested forms.