Add Commitment Gemstones To Your Ring

$ 445.00 USD

Jewelry is kept and cherished, often for generations, and serves as a vehicle for remembrance and specific stones have captured the divine nature of love for centuries.



Explore the strengths and healing powers of Tanzanite, Emerald, and Diamond and many more.

All gems are 2 MM round (1.89 - 2.10 ct.) unless otherwise specified. 





How It Works:

1  /   You Order Stone

Purchase your gemstone - or stones! - you'd like to add to your ring design here. They will *not* ship to your home address.

2  /  We Set Stone

Cat will tag your gemstones from the GRACE GOW stone collection.

When your carved wax arrives at our studio on Vashon Island, our jewelers will create a setting for *your* stone in *your* wax. If you have a placement idea, please add a note at checkout! Not sure where it should go?....we got you.

Cat will place and set the stone(s) in your wax to accentuate your ring design and the gemstones' magical luster.

3  /  We Cast Ring

Using the lost wax casting process, we transform your wax into metal. Then, we set your gemstones in your silver, vermeil or solid gold ring and deliver to your doorstep.

Gemstones channels symbolic meaning and transformation of the piece. It takes time to create your bespoke heirloom; you'll receive your handcrafted ring in 4-6 weeks.







The changing of tanzanite- shifting between blue, purple, and green- is a color study of the interplay between head and heart. Tanzanite calls to the joy found in love and bring strength to any union.


Emerald strengthens our ability to show up for love. Embedded with the energy of Vernal Equinox, emeralds keep us close to the heart's desire.



Known for their strength and invincibility, they serve as a welcome ally to any long-standing partnership.

We ethically source all of our gemstones from domestic and international partners who uphold the highest ethics and standards for safely mined diamonds.