Select Gemstones: Pick Your Stone + Set In-Person With Cat

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Explore the strengths and healing powers of every gemstone, from ametrine, diamond, sapphire, garnet, aquamarine and many more. All gems are 2 MM round (1.89 - 2.10 ct.) unless otherwise specified. 


How It Works:

1. Pre-order your gemstones in the dropdown menu to the left.  

2. Your custom selected gemstones will be packed, tagged and shipped to your in-person or virtual workshop location with Cat.

3. Cat will dedicate one-on-one time to teach you setting skills to set your gemstone at your workshop.


Throughout time, gemstones have possessed magic within. Incorporating precious or semi-precious colored stones in your fine jewelry channels symbolic meaning and transformation of your piece.


Every gem has a story:
"In Byzantine court culture, jewelry was public art form. This court permitted a powerful parallel sphere for women with its own spaces, activity and hierarchy. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings conveyed their familial connection and story.