Aside from the traditional chapel and church, the beach is perhaps the most common venue for a wedding. The sandy beaches and the beautiful oceans make for a romantic and picturesque setting especially for a couple that has a close connection to nature. A beach wedding has the potential to be so many things - exotic, magical, intimate, and even casual & fun! The most important thing to consider when planning a beach wedding is the little details that will compliment the venue. For a bride these little details would be the dress, the footwear, the hairdo, and of course, the jewelry! 

Every element of a bride's outfit is important, and you want each of it to not only be in perfect tune with the sandy setting of your wedding but also with all of the other elements. For instance, a perfect beach wedding necklace should add a touch of elegance to your wedding dress, without becoming too overpowering.Here’s a handy guide on how to choose the perfect necklace for a beach wedding.

Think about your dress

It goes without saying that your wedding dress is the most crucial element of your entire wedding look. Nothing else should overpower it. Every other element of your look should be added only to further elevate and accentuate the beauty of your dress. So, when choosing the necklace, the first thing to consider is your dress and in particular, the neckline. If you are wearing a low cut dress, consider a statement piece. For a low back dress - think lariat style. If you are wearing a high neckline, a delicate bridal necklace or a simple chain of pearls will do the trick.

Consider your hairdo

Just like the neckline of your dress, your hairstyle is another important factor that can influence your necklace choice. If you’re planning for an updo or a bun, a longer necklace will look best - something with a beautiful drape. But if you’re planning to have your hair down, you want a larger pendant or a chunky necklace that will make a statement. 

Incorporate the theme

You chose the beach for a reason. Clearly there was something about the beach and the ocean that called out to you. Wouldn’t it be fun to let your wedding jewelry also be sea-inspired? There are numerous possibilities for beach wedding necklaces. Perhaps you could incorporate the theme by featuring an ocean-inspired motif such as starfish, seashells, tropical leaves or even a whole barnacle cluster necklace. You can also use the ocean as inspiration when it comes to the color of any featured gemstones. 

Plan for the weather & environment

Look ahead at the weather forecast and make sure the wedding necklace you choose can withstand the conditions such as heavy wind - the last thing you want is your necklace to get entangled in your hair! Also, beach means the presence of saltwater which can potentially damage some metals. Sterling Silver and gold are the most resistant to corrosion and a good choice for ocean wedding necklaces.

Let your personality shine

All things considered, do remember that this YOUR wedding, and it should be everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Let your personality shine through by choosing a necklace that reflects your own unique style and brings you joy. If you’re unable to find something that suits you perfectly in the market, then customization is always a wonderful idea. You can work with a jeweler to design a beach wedding necklace that is truly a reflection of your personal taste.

October 25, 2023 — Cat McCadden


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