Destination weddings offer a unique opportunity for couples to create a truly memorable 

experience for their guests while also celebrating their union at a special location. Destination weddings are especially popular among those who have a passion for traveling and exploring new places. Traveling to a new destination for a wedding is not just about the one day of ceremony - it’s about the entire journey - and hence, each element of the wedding needs to be extra thoughtfully planned. Including the wedding ring. Here are 7 ideas for wedding rings that could prove to be a great addition to your destination wedding.

Engraved Coordinates

The best, and perhaps the most obvious, idea for a destination wedding ring would be to engrave the ring with the coordinates of the wedding venue. The destination of your wedding is an integral part of your wedding story and what better way to honor it than to make it a permanent feature of the most important physical symbol of your marriage?

Beach or Ocean Inspired Rings

Studies suggest that most couples who opt for a destination wedding prefer to choose a destination that is close to a beach or the ocean. Afterall, a beach getaway is sure to infuse tons of fun into the wedding celebrations! A wedding ring inspired by the beach or the ocean would complement such a destination wedding perfectly. The ocean is a vast and beautiful entity that is a great source of design inspiration. From fascinating colors, to incredible textures - your ocean ring or beach ring can be as unique as your wedding. You can even go a step further and make your own ring through GraceGow’s private ring-making workshop!

Cultural Rings

If the local culture of your destination is what inspired you to choose the venue in the first place, then it makes sense to incorporate a cultural element into your wedding ring. Whether it’s the engraving of a significant cultural phrase or symbol, or using a locally sourced gemstone in your ring - the possibilities are endless!

Travel Themed

If your love for travel was the main reason for choosing a destination wedding, then let your wedding ring reflect this. You could incorporate travel themed inscriptions or motifs such as an airplane, a globe or a compass. You could also select mixed metals to represent the cultural diversity of your travels.

Vintage Designs

For destinations that are rich in history and culture, a vintage themed ring would be a beautiful tribute. Vintage rings hold a timeless romantic appeal with their intricate designs, incredible craftsmanship and the sense of history they carry. Different eras have their own unique designs and stories to tell, so you can choose a ring that best resonates with the destination of your choice.

Gemstone Rings

The choice of gemstone in a destination wedding ring can be a great way to pay tribute to your wedding location. You could either choose a gemstone that is native to your destination or a gemstone whose colors represent the colors of the destination.

Boho Rings

While destination weddings are a popular trend, they are still considered non-traditional - a choice of those who are more free-spirited and creative. Let your wedding ring reflect your personality as a couple by opting for a Bohemian wedding ring. Boho rings are non-traditional designs, with asymmetrical settings, unique stones and interesting textures. Boho rings can also easily incorporate nature-inspired elements, similar to ocean rings or beach jewelry. 

October 18, 2023 — Cat McCadden


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