GG / What does going to the water’s edge do for you? How does it help you? 

I haven’t always lived in Seattle, but I HAVE always lived near the water, and being near the water’s edge feels like home to me. It feels grounding yet expansive and full of possibility.

There’s a quote about this that I love, and I don’t feel like I could explain it better than this:

“The cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears, or the sea.”
Isak Dinesen

GG / When is your favorite season to be by the water? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall?

I love warm summers with my feet (or whole body!) in the water, but there’s something moody and magical about being by the water in the winter.

GG /  Do you have rituals for your place? (e.g. do you always walk the beach at 8am, or always take home a seashell, etc?)

I’ve always wanted to be a person with rituals, but I tend to always revert back to doing things as I feel called to do them, rather than as part of a consistent routine. One ritual that I can remember doing as a kid whenever we’d be on a sunny beach, is that I’d walk to the top of the sand, take off my flip-flops, and then run as fast as I could in the hot sand to cool my feet in the water.

GG / What’s your best beachcombing find?

I love finding crabs under stones on a rocky beach. Apart from crabs and some cool seashells, I haven’t found anything that memorable… but I have *ALWAYS* wanted a metal detector!

Lightening Round!

Beach jewelry: Favorite summertime pieces?
I love my Grace Gow barnacle rings – year round!

Lifeguards: Love them or feel Watched?
Generally I think I’d say no thanks, but now that I’m a mom I think I’m re-evaluating!

Early morning at the beach or Afternoon into Sunset?
Early morning! Mornings are full of possibilities.

Beach chair or lay-flat towel?
Beach chair

Rivers: for floating or boating?
Floating with a tube!

Pool Party: Work on Tan or Get in Laps?
Neither, splash around in the pool

Four words to describe you best water memory
Warm and blue with gentle waves

Quiet sailing boat or power boat?
Power boat! I love speeding across the water!

What are your beach bag essentials?
Headphones (for podcasts or audiobooks), a notebook and pen, a book or e-book, snacks (Marination Ma Kai is my favorite), water, sunglasses, sunscreen, a cute swim cover-up, chapstick!

Beach Bar: Rose, Pina Colada, Pilsner?
Pina Colada

Best beach walk? 
I love the Kalalu Trail on Kauai. But closer to home, Lincoln Park in West Seattle is usually pretty delightful. I especially love grabbing dinner at Il Nido, followed by a late night stroll along the water.

Sand dollars or sea glass? 
Sea glass! The colors!

Winter beach walks: makes sense or makes crazy? 
Makes sense! Love quiet bundled up mornings along the beach with a coffee. 

Tan lines or total SPF coverage?
Somewhere in between .

Fav swimsuit?
One pieces for the win!

August 22, 2021 — GRACE GOW


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