GG / Fav beach?

Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, in Brittany. Stay here if you go!

GG / What does going to the water’s edge do for you? How does it help you? 

I’ve always found it to be super calming but with the promise of adventure.

GG / When is your favorite season to be by the water? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall?

Winter and fall. Growing up in New England, those were the only seasons that the beaches were calm and quiet. Something about the cold crisp wind and deep clouds let’s my imagination run wild. 

Has your place changed over the years? Has your relationship with it changed?

My favorite beaches have changed depending on where I travel to or choose to live but rocky coastlines will forever have my heart. 

What’s your best beach-combing find?

I love looking for sea glass and found the most beautiful pink piece the first week we moved to the island! I’ve only found the standard beer bottle green since but the treasure hunt continues. 

Lightening round!

Beach jewelry: Favorite summertime pieces?

Lifeguards: Love them or feel Watched?
No preference 

Early morning at the beach or Afternoon into Sunset?
Early morning—it’s so quiet! 

Beach chair or lay-flat towel?

Rivers: for floating or boating?

Pool Party: Work on Tan or Get in Laps?
Eat snacks :)

Four words to describe you best water memory
Fresh, crisp, soft and blue

Quiet sailing boat or power boat?

What are your beach bag essentials?
Sunscreen, watercolor travel kit, something to read and some wine. 

Beach Bar: Rosé, Pina Colada, Pilsner?

Best beach walk? 
Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

Sand dollars or sea glass? 
Sea glass 

Winter beach walks: makes sense or makes crazy? 
The best 

Tan lines or total SPF coverage?
Slather that shit on 

Fav swimsuit?
This fuzzy fish one piece I had when I was a kid. It had googly eyes. It was the best. 

July 26, 2021 — GRACE GOW


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