GG / Where is your favorite river, lake, ocean or poolside escape, near or far? Why?

This will make you laugh: Clearwater Casino on Bainbridge island. 

GG / When is your favorite season to be by the water? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall?

Summer is just perfect. Frisbee on the big lawn, swimming, and shell collecting on the beach. 

GG / Do you have rituals for your place? (e.g. do you always walk the beach at 8am, or always take home a seashell, etc?)

Yes! We check in, light the fire, pour a drink and then walk down to the great lawn that overlooks the water. We sit and enjoy the view and just unwind. Later we will walk on the beach and then nap before hitting the casino at night!

GG / Do you go with family, friends or just yourself? What has that trip meant for your relationship?

I love to go with my partner, Reese, and my daughter Paloma. It’s our special get away that’s close to home. A change of scenery on a boring weekend, or a fun place to meet friends and relax during the day, gamble and party at night. 

GG / What’s your best beachcombing find?

My daughter has an uncanny ability to find huge pieces of beach glass. We use them for soap dishes and garden decorations. 

Lighting Round!

Beach jewelry: Favorite summertime pieces?
Big hoop earrings! And anything with tons of turquoise!

Lifeguards: Love them or feel Watched?
LOVE THEM, I’m very nervous in the water. 

Early morning at the beach or Afternoon into Sunset?
Both! I love the morning solitude, and the romance of the evening. 

Beach chair or lay-flat towel?
Definitely beach chair! I’m that lady on the beach who hates sand….

Rivers: for floating or boating?
I love a good river float. 

Pool Party: Work on Tan or Get in Laps?
Book by the pool wearing a HUGE hat and Supergoop SPF factor 2 million. 

Four words to describe you best water memory
Out of body experience

Quiet sailing boat or power boat?
Power boat please! 

What are your beach bag essentials?
SPF, SPF, SPF, Cans of Truly Exotic, any book or trashy magazine, giant hat, CBD gummies, soft beach blanket.

Beach Bar: Rose, Pina Colada, Pilsner?

Best beach walk? 
Wide, quiet beaches, like we have here in WA and OR. Shell hunting or exploring the dune for a campfire spot. 

Sand dollars or sea glass? 
Sea glass

Winter beach walks: makes sense or makes crazy? 
One of my favorites

Tan lines or total SPF coverage?

Fav swimsuit?
Ugh, does one exist? Can’t I just wear a tent?

June 24, 2021 — GRACE GOW


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The feeling I strive to create for my customers is a ‘it’s summer somewhere’sensibility, one that will make them feel both free and strong the moment they put on my jewelry, no matter what they’re wearing.”