PROMISE CARVE Fine Jewelry Ring Making Experience

$ 295.00 USD



A Ring Carving Workshop with Cat McCadden 

Hello, carvers,

"Friends yesterday, lovers today, soul mates forever."

Within the penumbral dance of life, two souls come together. Time moves forward, and distance fades, leading to commitment and the sharing of life. Jewelry is kept and cherished, often for generations, and serves as a vehicle for remembrance.

Join us

Carve a piece of wax and celebrate the soul-shifting aspects of true love. Then, create a talisman to guide you through your commitment to another, using your two hands to actualize the inspiration and beauty you experience.

Cat is inspired by liminal beauty, where the city meets the sea. You are encouraged to bring an oceanic or love-inspired object for the event. We'll find inspiration in its line, form, texture, and silhouette. 



Gemstones are often added to bring about both symbolic and literal transformation. For example, specific stones have captured the divine nature of love for centuries.


The changing of tanzanite- shifting between blue, purple, and green- is a color study of the interplay between head and heart. Tanzanite calls to the joy found in love and bring strength to any union.


Emerald, another heart stone, cultivates and strengthens our ability to show up for love. Embedded with the energy of Vernal Equinox, emeralds keep us close to the heart's desire.


The sunny yellow-orange of citrine is a love magnet and powerful mover and shaker of the stone world. Citrine is known to open space for the attraction and manifestation of goodness; its rarity makes every piece precious and powerful.


And don't forget the revered diamond. Known for their strength and invincibility, they serve as a welcome ally to any long-standing partnership.

We ethically source all of our gemstones from domestic and international partners who uphold the highest ethics and standards for safely mined diamonds.

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Fine Metals Forever

We cast in silver, solid gold, rose gold, and platinum; specific metals are known to harness and solidify your intentions.

Gold's extraordinary malleability and resistance to tarnishing and corrosion have forever set it apart as magical. Gold is associated with purity and warmth and is known as a master healer and was revered in ancient times for emulating the sun.

Similarly, rose gold is beloved by healers and seers for replenishing diminished energies while maintaining alignment.

Platinum, another strong metal, strengthens energetic connections while alleviating depression and enhancing memory. Last but not least, silver stimulates glands and hormones while also enhancing psychic and intuitive connections.

Each has a superpower. Which speaks to you?

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Book a special seat with The Wax On Workshop's PROMISE CARVE for an artistic and hands-on ring-making experience. This carving party, led by Vashon Island-based jeweler Cat McCadden, is where design, inspiration, a few tools, and a dash of instruction combine to fuel your bespoke fine jewelry-making journey. 

Cat will bring her artistic and professional expertise to complete your ring after your in-person carving session in her studio. All gemstone and fine metal customizations are available; please inquire. 

In her Vashon Island workshop, the GRACE GOW jewelers will cast your wax into your chosen metal, source and set gemstones, polish your ring, and professionally finish it to your matte or shiny specifications. 

Then, three to five weeks later, you'll receive your custom ring creation delivered to your door.

Customized requests for group carves are welcomed!

Make It Yours

$95 • Rose gold or 14K yellow gold vermeil

$110 • Carve a second ring

$130 • Wide ring upgrade 6-7 mm

$230 • Permanent mold and ring cast twice

$110 • Set a 2MM white diamond gemstone

$110 • Set a 2MM black diamond gemstone

$110 • Set a 2MM sapphire gemstone

$110 • Set a 2MM emerald gemstone


Create your wedding bands – or just something a little extraordinary. First, we will quote your ring in solid 10K / 14K / 18K and 950 Palladium; alternate metal types are available. Then, we'll weigh your wax ring at the event to calculate the cost.

All WOW attendees must be 18 and over.